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Center Athena - Dance concert disconcert...
Center Athena - Dance concert disconcerting "L'Homme d'Habitude"
Center Athena - Dance concert disconcerting "L'Homme d'Habitude"
Centre Athéna Place du Golhérez 56400 AURAY
Tél : 02 97 56 18 00

20h30 - From 7 years - 1h10

The usual man is the adventure of a formidable encounter between the dancers of Vilcanota and the musicians of the Blérots de RAVEL

No one can say who tamed the other the first, so much the eleven interpreters of this hybrid show, with the affirmed rock color, form one and the same tribe, caught in a jubilatory whirlwind!

A surreal drummer in pursuit of his cymbals rubs an ethereal ballet of smoke rings, an explosive dancer dissolves in the trance of colored fireflies, curious speleologists deliver a series of absurd words while an impressive turnsta lose breath.

The images succeed each other, the laughter is never far away and suddenly, without it being seen, music and dance speak the same language ...
A complete show where all, musicians and dancers, are the actors of a funny, joyous, out of the ordinary adventure.
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